CJ Questionnaire Builder

The CJ Questionnaire Builder is the perfect tool for conducting questionnaires over the web. Gathering primary research is a mundane, tedious task - with the CJ Questionnaire Builder you can make light work of questionnaires by adding your participants to a list and emailing the survey right to them - all controlled by a straight-forward admin interface.

Whether you are writing a dissertation, want to gather market research on your customers or simply want to quiz your associates; this questionnaire building software is just what you need;

  • Accessible, usable W3C compliant format
  • Tabular and Graphical representations of results
  • Import your participants' mailing list
  • Look and feel 100% customisable via CSS (5 example style sheets included)
  • Supports open and closed questions
  • Supports multiple choice, multiple selection, text input and likert scale

There is no limit to the amount of questionnaires you can run simultaneously, you could even send a weekly questionnaire out to your participant's database. For the developers amongst you; the CJ Questionnaire Builder can be easily plugged in to your existing content managed solution - just ask for details.


The CJ Questionnaire Builder V1.0 costs 30. To Purchase, please click add to basket below:

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