CJ Dynamic Poll Pro

The CJ Dynamic Poll Pro does exactly what it says in the title - it is a poll that changes dynamically. The free version of this script does not come with as many features as the pro version. At just 5 you can have the additional features as shown below:

  • Poll Inclusion
    • - Poll inclusion will allow you to 'hold' polls without closing them. If you select to include a poll, it will show up in your webpage, if you choose not to include the poll, it will not be available to users to vote on. This is a good feature if you have an idea for a poll but are not ready to make it public.
  • Automatic Archive
    • - Ever wanted your poll to end at exactly 1000 votes? This feature will let you do just that. It will even let you specify a time to end the poll, for example, if you wanted your poll to end on the first of the next month, you would simply select the date from a calendar and the poll will end on that date!.
  • Poll Comments
    • - Sometimes you may feel that a poll you are running deserves a 'Click here to add a comment' feature. This feature would give voters the oppertunity to justify their vote, for example, if the poll was a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer, the voter could then be asked to add a comment. This option can be turned off or on in the configuration file.
  • Installation and Customisation
    • - If you upgrade to 'Pro' we will install it and customise it for you. We will make sure that the poll fits in with your web site design and that you are happy with the configurations.


The CJ Dynamic Poll Pro V2.0 costs 5. To Purchase, please click add to basket below:


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