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The CJ Send Page script is a relatively simple "link sender via form to your mates email script" : ) What happens is on a specific page (usually an article) you insert a link to this script, it takes the address (URL) of the page with the article and sends it to a visitors friend so they can enjoy what is on the page. The script allows the visitor to add additional email content in the form box, if however the box is cleared and sent - by default the form will just send the page address. This script is very customisable, however you do need a good knowledge of HTML and PHP to include it within your web pages but don't worry if you haven't because it comes with very easy configuration using a stylesheet!


Download the script

Download the CJ SendPage V1.0. Please note: WinZip is required to extract the files.
The Download is approximately 11.3 KB's


Demo the script

A working demo is available for the CJ SendPage V1.0


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