Saturday 14 February 2004
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In 2 Training
Website created using PHP, Flash, DHTML and JavaScript. PHP scripts include the famous 'CJ Website Search' and 'CJ Send 2 Friend'.

The homepage of In 2 Training. Visitors are confronted by a flash introduction to the website which higlights the main aims and benefits of the company
This page shows the courses that In 2 Training offer, each on linking to a page where they can be viewed in more detail. Also shown on this screenshot is how the DHTML categorised menu works.
This screenshot shows one of the locations of In 2 Training.
The website search results page showing how found matches are displayed. The website search allows multiple keyword searches and features a keyword harvester which picks up certain keywords from a visitors search and suggests certain areas of particular interest. The website search is administered via an attractive admin interface allowing the addition, deletion and modification of search items.

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