Thursday 05 February 2004
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A sign up form with full data validation and admin mail functionality. Payment was integrated with PayPal

The homepage of Hosters-UK shows the hosting options available to the visitor. Each hosting option links to the script with its price and description. The script takes the values (as hidden values) and constructs a payment page.
The payment page automatically generates an order number for the purchaser. The purchaser fills out the form making sure they fill in the mandatory fields.
If the purchaser has left out a mandatory field a red error message is displayed at the top of the form giving the error. The information the purchaser already entered remains in the form until they have successfully filled in the application
After the form has been sent the details are sent to the site administrator. The purchaser is asked to continue at PayPal's secure server. The script sends all of the information to paypal where the purchaser completes payment.

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