Thursday 05 February 2004
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DVD's Universal
An online DVD e-Commerce website combining the power of SQL with the flexibility of PHP

The homepage of DVDs Universal with a random DVD picked from the Database, the latest additions and the latest review displayed. The homepage updates automatically as does the index template with the latest additions and budget range.
The search engine allows you to search by DVD title or by Artist. This screenshot shows how the results of a search query are displayed. The search results page offers a link to 'Add to Basket', 'View Details' or to 'Quick Buy'
The 'View Basket' page allows you to view whatever you have put into your basket whilst you have been browsing the site. This page is created in a unique way, different to e-commerce shops such as amazon and cd-wow. From this page you can choose to increase or decrease the quantity or to 'Checkout' and pay for your DVD's
The website also features a section where you can sign up for the DVD Universal newsletter and to be alerted of special offers. This page shows the registration form you must fill out in order to become a member. You can then log in giving your username allowing you to view the member benefits.
This admin screenshot shows the login page. The administrator(s) of the site can log in to the system and Add Items, Edit Items, Delete Items etc.. They can also control the members of the website and send newsletters from here.
This screenshot, from the admin control panel, shows the form to 'Add a DVD'. As you can see the administrator simply fills in the details relating to the item. This form includes an upload feature, to upload an image of the item cover.

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