Sunday 23 November 2003
PHP/MySQL Auto Gallery
The PHP/MySQL Auto Gallery was created for many reasons. The script, supported by a database backend, allows for the submission of images; these images can be added seperately or on mass. The script features 'Auto Thumbnail', 'Mass Add Images', 'Image Statistics', 'Slide Show' and more (see below).

The main page of the gallery shows all categories available for viewing. The visitor can browse images by category, date added or popularity. Popularity is based on a visitor clicking on a thumbnail to view it large.
The 'View by Category' page shows the selected categories contents in thumbnail fashion. The thumbnails are created automatically, width and height as well as quality can be specified.
This screenshot shows how images are shown large. The visitor can flick through the images by hitting the next or previous links or they can sit back and watch it refresh in intervals of their choosing - the slideshow is set to off by default.
The script also allows all images to be viewed within the database. If the visitor is away from their PC they can have the entire contents of your image database refreshing image after image.
The script features a highly secure admin interface allowing the owner of the gallery to 'Add Categories', 'Edit Categories', 'Delete Categories, 'Add Images', 'Edit Images', 'Delete Images' and 'View Statistics'.
This screenshot shows how a category is added. On-Screen instructions guide the admin in what is a very simple and very effective process of keeping your images in a logical, professional fashion.

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