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CJ Mailing List V2.0

The CJ Mailing List V2.0 allows visitors to your website to sign up for a newsletter that you will send out. Decent mailing lists are hard to find as some of them crash after sending out 100, sometimes even 50 emails - our script has been tested with 5,000 email addresses and, depending on your server speed, could expand to as many as 30,000.

Before you read the features and the pricing below please note that this script comes with free customisation, free support, free upgrades and free installation!


Below is a list of features, hover over a feature with your mouse for an explanation:


Member Interface

The form can be customised to suit your design, click below for a working example:

CJ Website Design Mailing List

Admin Interface

A demo of the admin interface can be found by clicking the link below.

Login as "demo-user" with password "password"

CJ Mailing List Admin Control Panel Demo

Alternatively you can click here to view some screenshots of the admin interface.


The cost of the script + installation
= 30 (Pounds Sterling) or $48 (USD) or €43 - your currency not there?


Payments can be made by any of the following methods:
  • PayPal - Fast, Free and Secure Payments
  • NOCHEX - UK's #1 Email Money Service
  • Wire Transfer - Directly to CJ Website Design
  • Cheque

Important: Please contact us here before sending payment!


Any questions or suggestions regarding this script will be answered after filling out the question form, found here.

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