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 FAQ:  CJ SendPage V1.0
A list of the most frequently asked questions on the CJ SendPage

Q1.  My form wont show up!
A Make sure that you have uploaded the files in the same directory.

Q2. My form wont send!
A Your web server doesn't support PHP in that case, try going to bravenet.com for a remotely hosted script.

Q3. I want to add fields!
A You are welcome to add fields, you may need a high understanding of the PHP mail form function set.

Q4. I want my form to look like my other websites pages!
A By editing the stylesheet colours in config.php you can achieve this, but if you want maximum customisation you will most probably need an understanding of PHP.

Q5.  Can I modify your SendPage form and make it better?
A Yeh, course! - The code is relatively simple; everyone has to learn from somewhere don't they? : )  If you do make an amazing SendPage form, send it to me!

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