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CJ LinkOut V1.0  (3914 Downloads)

The CJ LinkOut script will allow you to send your visitors to other websites with a neat frame bar at the top - similar to Hotmail (but better). The script works with any pages, all it requires to work is a link to it with a URL as a parameter. The LinkOut script is fully customisable allowing you to change the colours. This is a great script to use if you want your visitors to come back to your site with ease.
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All CJ LinkOut V1.0 installation information is within a 'READ-ME' text file located in the downloadable zip file.

Click to see a working demo of CJ LinkOut V1.0

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To Download CJ LinkOut V1.0, WinZip is Required - Download from WinZip.com
The Download is approximately 19.9 KB's

If you get stuck view the ' Frequently Asked Questions' about scriptname in the Forum

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