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XChangeit is an online item exchange market that lets you advertise your items for sale, swap or part exchange aswell as letting you place offers on items. CJ Website Design also created the logo for XChangeit - click here to view it.

The homepage of XChangeit displays dynamically generated content of the most recently added items (3 as featured with images, 10 in list form). It also shows a random featured category to give even more exposure to items. This page also gives information on how to advertise an item with a step by step guide at the bottom.
The category listing shows each item within the category along with the description and price. The items can be sorted by title, price and expiry date.
When viewing details of a particular item the user is shown this page. It displays the item information in more detail including the description, items the seller will swap the item for and items the seller would part exchange for. The page also displays the image item, expiry date, seller (with a link to their profile) and any applicable notification such as the item being under offer etc. To view this page enlarged, click here.
Users profiles are optional. If a member does not feel the need to share additional information with other members, their profile will simply be blank. If a member does create a profile information such as their hobbies, interests and items they are collecting will be shown to other members. Profile pages also display when members joined XChangeit, how many items they have advertised and exchanged and also the feedback they have recieved from other members.
There are several members pages which allow you to administer your items and offers. This particular screenshot shows the Item Management page which allows you to Edit, Delete and Upload a Picture to your item. From here you can also view the item status (i.e Live, Under Offer, Pending or Archived). If an item is pending or awaiting payment, you can make payment from this page. Archived items are also shown at the bottom of this page.
The members section also allows you to manage your offers both recieved and placed. From these pages the item exchangers must declare they have made payment/sent item/recieved item etc.. To view a larger screenshot of this page, click here.
XChange it has a full administration back end. The administration control panel allows the site administrators to manage everything on the website from the items to the members within the site. This screenshot shows the login page of the admin control panel.
Once the administrator has logged in they can perform an array of options including: Adding/Editing and Deleting Categories, Editing/Deleting Items, Authorising/Changing and Items Status, Editing/Deleting/Emailing Members, Sending Newsletters and Administrating Offers. For a larger view of the administration control panel, click here.
Administrators have full control over the items that members advertise on XChangeit. This screenshot shows how an item can be edited using the form.
Administrators also have full control of members. From here they can view a members details. They can edit, delete and email a member aswell as editing their profile and feedback that they recieve. Administrators can also send email to all members at once no matter how many members join.

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