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CJ Website Design - our website design prices are very competitive. Check out the portfolio section which is constantly updated with satisfied clients. We treat each of our clients separately therefore to obtain a quote on web design, please contact us, let us know what you hope to achieve.
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Implementation of a search facility and 'Add Venue' form into the existing application behind TOURDatabase.com.

TOURdatabase is an online Tour Management System that allows artists, bands and booking agents to easily add or remove their tour dates. One of the pages allows the member to enter an event. Before they add an event, they must search to check that the venue exists. The member is required to enter a keyword into the box shown on the left to find venue matches.
Once matching venues have been found they are listed. The results page is split by 10 results per page which can be sorted by Name, Location and Date Added. Once the member has found their venue, they can add their event to it. Click here for an enlarged version.
If, however, after searching on the results page the member does not find their venue they can click 'Add a Venue' which will take them to the form shown on the left. This form has full data validation and ultimately will send the information to the database, adding the venue ready for events.
Also, if a member searches for an venue and it gives zero results, the 'Add a Venue' form is automatically shown (without clicking a link). Click here for an enlarged version.

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