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CJ Website Design - A UK based web design company. CJ Website Design provides to its customers an excellent opportunity for expansion of their company into the area of interactive business or to improve on their existing websites.

Services include: - web design, website design, content management, e-commerce, web software, website programming, database design, php scripting, php downloads, pre-made websites, website templates, logo design.

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CJ Website Design - our website design prices are very competitive. Check out the portfolio section which is constantly updated with satisfied clients. We treat each of our clients separately therefore to obtain a quote on web design, please contact us, let us know what you hope to achieve.
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About CJ Website Design

CJ Website Design was established in November 2002 specialising in providing website solutions to help business' and individuals discover and expand into the area of interactive business or to improve on their existing websites.

The founder, James Crooke is currently studying for a BSc Hons in Digital Entertainment. James has been involved in the Internet since college where he studied for a National Diploma in Computer Studies which started in the year 2000. James specialises in web programming and database integration, particularly PHP and MySQL. Aswell as being a programming enthusiast, James also has a strong design background as the degree suggests.

We have a small team of freelancers that work on ASP and ASP.net scripts aswell as a perl programmer.

CJ Website Design offers database, website, script, logo and banner design aswell as site promotion, optimisation and marketing.

The portfolio section of this website gives examples of some of the work CJ Website Design has completed for clients.

If you wish to contact us regarding work on a website, please use the contact page in the menu.
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A UK based web design company providing web, database, logo & banner design, e-commerce, website programming, site promotion & php script downloads